Psoriasis is a condition occurring when the immune system overreacts, causing inflammation and flaking of the skin. What happens is the skin cells grow too fast and results in thick, white, silvery or red patches of skin. Flare-ups can occur when the air is cold or in a dry climate, when you are sick, have an infection or stressed.

The Study:

  • AMR Norfolk is currently recruiting volunteers for a Psoriasis clinical research study!

Qualified Participants:

  • Male or female 18 and over
  • Currently have a psoriasis outbreak

If Qualified and you participate you will receive:

  • Study-related visits by a board-certified dermatologist
  • Study Medication
  • Lab work and care from our psoriasis clinical research study team
  • Insurance is NOT required
  • Compensation for time and travel.

Take the next step, call us at (757) 627-6798 and ask for the Psoriasis enrollment team, better yet, fill out the brief contact form, and we will call you!


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