Our Accommodations

  • Our research facility has a spacious office area designated for monitors.
  • Each office station is equipped with an Internet port and wireless connection for laptop use.
  • An additional office is also available for desired privacy and is equipped with a telephone and computer.
  • Accessible copy and fax machine on-site.
  • Hotel arrangements can be made at over 25 locations in the area that are less than 10 miles away from our facility.
  • The Tidewater area is easily accessed by the Norfolk International Airport which has over 340 flights daily and is located 8 miles away from our research facility.
  • Several restaurants are less than 3 minutes away.
  • Dedicated outpatient study center in a 6000 square foot clinical facility which includes 4 exam rooms, a large laboratory, a conference room, a dedicated monitoring area, a locked regulatory document room, and locked drug closets.
  • There are private offices for Drs. Bailey and Ellis, clinical research coordinators, directors, and support personnel. Also, the facility is accommodated with a reception room, business office, and separate patient and staff lavatories.
  • Conveniently located to Norfolk International Airport, Interstates 64/264  and Sentara Leigh Hospital.
  • The Tidewater area is easily accessed by the Norfolk International Airport.
  • Site not under the jurisdiction of the local IRB and is able to utilize central IRB services.
  • Maintains a computerized patient tracking system.
  • Fluent with RDE (remote data entry).
  • Fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).
  • Overnight Stay Capabilities.

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