The Study:

The World Health Organization places migraine and migraine headaches as one of the 10 most disabling medical illnesses on Earth.  Migraine impact over 37 million men, women and children in the United States alone.  For more than 90 percent of those affected, migraine interferes with education, career or social activities.  In 2018, the FDA approved four preventive treatments designed specifically for migraine.  However, there are still ongoing and upcoming clinical research studies to advance migraine prevention and treatment.

AMR Norfolk is currently enrolling volunteers ages 18 to 75 in an investigational migraine clinical study.


Qualified participants must:

  • be diagnosed with Episodic Migraine
  • have a history of migraine headaches of at least one year
  • meet other study criteria

If Qualified and you participate you will receive:

  • all study-related care
  • lab tests
  • investigational medication or placebo


Compensation is available for your time and travel. Insurance is not required.

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